art statement

To me photography is the most realistic medium in the art world: the image is caught in an instant, permanently fixed in time. An instant, a moment, often passing by without being noticed. Staying focused and keeping an eye open for opportunities allows me to capture those moments and share them with others. It is a personal and mystical experience.

Through the art of photography I use patterns, colors, contrasts and personal perception to demonstrate the magic in what I see. Moving from the Netherlands to America opened up a whole new environment, completely different from what I was used to. It turned my world upside down; everything ordinary was new and exiting. It made me see the beauty in ordinary things and places. Now, when I return to the Netherlands I look as an outsider and see images isolated from their ordinary surroundings.

It fascinates me to create a photograph so that it becomes real and alive and the viewer actually enters the image. I hope that, in a small way, my photographs will help others realize the natural magic of our environment, replacing arrogance and carelessness with respect and recognition, and above all help them to share with others the incredible world that exists around us.

Susan Verberg June 2nd, 2004.

polaroid photograph by Duane Rieder of Duane Rieder Photography

art background

I'm basically self taught with a strong desire to further educate myself in the arts whenever I have the opportunity.

-Part time BA student at the University of Pittsburgh, Studio Arts, since 2004
-Studio Strobe Workshop at Duane Rieder Studio through the Silver Eye Photography Center, Pgh PA.
-Internship at Artist Image Resourse, a traditional printmaking facility on the Northside, Pgh PA.
-Spring Macro Workshop with Nancy Rotenberg at PEEC in the Pocono's, PA
-Weekend Seminar with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Pittsburgh, PA
-Apprentice at the custom darkroom Cayuga Color Lab in Ithaca, NY (continuing)
-Weekend Seminar with published freelance photographer John Shaw in Owego, NY
-Apprenticed at the custom frame store and gallery “the Art Café” in Gainesville, FL
-Darkroom Techniques 2 at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
-Handthrowing Pottery community class at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
-Darkroom Techniques 1 at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
-Painting 1 community class at SFCC, Gainesville FL
-Photography 1 community class at SFCC, Gainesville FL
-Training in drawing, perspective and composition and Art History and Techniques as extra curriculum courses in both Highschool and College (major in Biology) in the Netherlands.

interesting art links

Photography resources - directory of photography related websites and discussion groups.
Frans Lanting - online - my favorite Dutch wildlife photographer.
Masters of Photography - Ansel Adams - the godfather of photography
Georgia O'Keeffe - painting at it's best.
Wildlife and Nature Photography - Frans Martens includes equipment and career background information.

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